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a la mode news & marketing tips — December 29, 2005

Jump start your marketing for the New Year

It can be hard to get back into the swing of things after weeks of holiday shopping, parties and eating.  But this year, make it your New Year's resolution to get a jump start on your marketing efforts.  Here are three types of prospects that you should be marketing to early in 2006:

Refis.  Many people dread looking in the mailbox towards the end of January because that’s when they get their credit card bills outlining their holiday shopping expenditures. Encourage this type of client to consider refinancing to pay off their credit cards and other debts so they can start fresh for the New Year. Several pre-built content pages can help prospects learn about the refinancing process such as "Refinancing Options," "When to Refinance" and several mortgage calculators.

First time buyers.  Many of us breathe a big sigh of relief once the holiday season is over.  But the end of the holidays marks the beginning of another season:  Tax season.  Many Americans file their taxes early in anticipation of getting their tax return more quickly.  Explain to your prospects the tax savings involved with owning a home and encourage your prospects to use their returns for a down payment. XSellerate has several tax-themed campaigns that you can e-mail or mail your first-time buyer prospects.

Renters.  Many landlords impose rent increases at the beginning of the year on properties that aren't rent-controlled — making home ownership an appealing option to your renter prospects.  XSellerate provides several pre-built marketing campaigns that target renters.  And be sure to encourage your renter prospects to visit your XSite to use tools such as your Rent vs. Buy calculator, content pages on the home buying process and, of course, to apply for a loan!

Using forms on your XSite without turning off your visitors

A recent survey of consumer "pet peeves" about commercial websites by web hosting company Hostway Corp. found that 83 percent of consumers get annoyed with websites with registration log-on pages that block access to online content.  But for many you, those registration required pages — or "doorway forms" as we call them here at a la mode — are an effective way to get quality leads from your XSite.

As you may know, you have two types of doorway forms available on your XSite:  Page specific forms that allow you to specify individual pages that should be preceded by a form and global forms that allow you to establish "triggers" to activate the doorway form of your choice through the natural course of a visitor browsing your site. [After a visitor has clicked on three pages, for example.]

So how do you effectively use those doorway forms without annoying your visitors?  The key is to use the forms sparingly, and only in places where the destination content is of particular interest and value to your visitors such as your rate sheet, "Home Price Index," or mortgage calculators. When you add a doorway form, the visitor's contact information then flows automatically into a specified contact group (e.g. XSite leads) so you can follow up later.

To add doorway forms to your XSite, click on the XSite icon in the My Office area of your XSite and go to "Lead Capture."

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how and when to use your XSite's doorway forms — if you choose to use them at all.  Many XSite owners have success with password-protecting their content pages and listings.  However, if you're not seeing the traffic you'd like, you may want to consider taking the doorway forms down.  Remember, the ultimate goal of your XSite is to generate quality leads that build your business!

Briefly Speaking

XSellerate your next

If you have XSellerate, you'll be happy to hear we recently added XSellerate ads to CertMail. Now, you can send holiday greetings and other marketing ads to a single contact in CertMail, without creating an entire campaign in XSellerate.

Need to wish your past client a happy birthday or that new prospect a Merry Christmas with a festive, professionally designed e-mail? Now you can, in just a few clicks. Simply choose your e-mail recipients, click on the "Use XSellerate Message" link that will display in your new message window, choose the ad you'd like to use and hit "send." Don't have XSellerate yet? Get it here.

FleXApp Special

Do you know someone with a website but wishes they had an online 1003 like yours? Our new FleXApp 1003 can be added to any existing website and integrates with LOSs. And, just like your XSite's 1003, FleXApp's online help files explain each step in detail to eliminate client hand holding and automatic e-mail status updates keep everyone in the loop through each step of the loan process.

FleXApp is now available for a special introductory price of $99 — that's 50% off the retail price! The offer ends January 31, 2006.

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